9 Nov 2014

Top 10 things I did not see in New York

Last spring I finally managed to cross off New York from my list of Things do to before I turn 30.
I know that technically I was already 30 but who cares,  I'm still 25 in my head you know.

Anyway, the trip was super awesome. I was going to write about what people should see when they go to New York but then I realized that I suck at being a tourist (I only saw 3 out of the top 10 must-see New York attractions according to this article). So, instead I will just list few highlights from the trip if that is ok with everybody:
  • Brooklyn flea market
  • Ribs at Brisket Town
  • Shopping in Williamsburg
  • Polish bakeries in Greenpoint
  • Kitchen supply stores 
  • West Elm Market in Dumbo
  • The cold brew from Black Brick coffee
  • Sneaker stores
  • Chelsea Market
  • Brooklyn Pale Ale
  • The views from Grand Ferry Park
  • Old-school dinners
  • Earl Grey Ice-cream from Van Leeuwen
  • The Brooklyn bridge
  • Waffles, bagels, pancakes and nearly every single food truck.

Also, here you have a bunch of pics for your amusement.

Dinosaur talking to a Monkey at the Brooklyn flea market
Lovely store in Bedford Ave

New York wisdom

Heaven on a plate

New York street with a tree and a red car
Cherry blossom trees
Short-sighted cat with a beard
Best chocolate ever
High Line love
Horse shit
Obligatory pic from Central Park
Calling at West Elm Market
Brooklyn bridge photo bomb
Mandatory super heroes
Street chess (yeah, that is me on the right with my friend Lucia the Rottweiler)
Williamsburg at sunset
He makes the best Earl Grey ice-cream ever, I could marry that guy.
Felt pigeons eating pizza
THE bagel

sweet notes for drug dealers
Sunset photo one minute before I was hit by a mighty wave

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