9 Nov 2014

Top 10 things I did not see in New York

Last spring I finally managed to cross off New York from my list of Things do to before I turn 30.
I know that technically I was already 30 but who cares,  I'm still 25 in my head you know.

Anyway, the trip was super awesome. I was going to write about what people should see when they go to New York but then I realized that I suck at being a tourist (I only saw 3 out of the top 10 must-see New York attractions according to this article). So, instead I will just list few highlights from the trip if that is ok with everybody:
  • Brooklyn flea market
  • Ribs at Brisket Town
  • Shopping in Williamsburg
  • Polish bakeries in Greenpoint
  • Kitchen supply stores 
  • West Elm Market in Dumbo
  • The cold brew from Black Brick coffee
  • Sneaker stores
  • Chelsea Market
  • Brooklyn Pale Ale
  • The views from Grand Ferry Park
  • Old-school dinners
  • Earl Grey Ice-cream from Van Leeuwen
  • The Brooklyn bridge
  • Waffles, bagels, pancakes and nearly every single food truck.

Also, here you have a bunch of pics for your amusement.

Dinosaur talking to a Monkey at the Brooklyn flea market
Lovely store in Bedford Ave

New York wisdom

Heaven on a plate

New York street with a tree and a red car
Cherry blossom trees
Short-sighted cat with a beard
Best chocolate ever
High Line love
Horse shit