20 Feb 2014


I have exactly 2 hours left to become 30 years old... and I'm staring at the list I made one year ago, a list that contains everything I wanted to do before becoming 30.

I was perhaps too optimistic back then, however I still managed to do 7/15 things. Not bad. Specially after thinking about all the things I did this year that where not included in the list.

Anyway, let's take a look:
  1. Learn Finnish
    No way, I'm sorry.
  2. Travel to India
    Check! Here you have a summary of the trip
  3. See the Aurora Borealis
    Nop. I was too busy being in India.
  4. Go to a cooking school
    I cooked a lot this year! Does it count?
  5. Buy a longboard and skate to work everyday Check! Except for the part about skating to work everyday... what was I thinking...
  6. Get over my fear of driving
    Check! More or less

  7. Go to the Gelato University 
    Nop! I ate (and made) a lot of gelato though

  8. Participate in some volunteer program
    Check! I was in a Primate Rescue Center in Goa taking care of a baby monkey!

  9. Eat at a Michelin star restaurant 
    Nop! However, I ate extremely well this year! India, Italy, Spain, Helsinki...
  10. Visit Southern Italy
    Check! And it was so beautiful I may add it again to the list of things to do before I turn 31! Here you have some pics.

  11. Stand up on a surf board for more than 10 seconds
    Does 5 seconds count? Yeah, I think so.
  12. Finish my last painting
    Mmmm...I don't even know where I have it.
  13. Take a sommelier course
    I had amazing wines this year, but no courses :-(
  14. Travel to Japan and/or New York
    Nop! India and Italy where probably enough for one year. But this goes to the top of my next list!

  15. Ride a pink bike
    Check! A legendary Pink Jopo bike from my friend Laura.

I know I still have 2 hours left, but it might be a bit tight for a trip to Japan... so I may as well move the undone items to the list of things to do before I'm 31 (I'm working on it), pour myself a glass of wine and go and watch Totoro, which is the closest to Japan I can get right now :-)

Happy Birthday to me!

17 Feb 2014

Best winter escape ever: Italy!

It's been a long, tough and wet winter here in Finland. We hardly got any snow compared with previous years... one day is below zero and snowing, the next day is gray, rainy and slushy.
I know there are still few months left, but I'm officially done with winter - unless he brings us some snow. Snow is pretty.

After 6 years of living in Finland, I soon realized that it is absolutely necessary for your psychological well being to break up the winter into manageable chunks of time. That is why I try to organize at least one escape during the winter.

This year I managed to go to Italy with my friends... just to full myself that winter is over, at least for a week. It was fantastic!!

We went to Rome, Naples and Procida and here you have a sneaky peak from the trip!

Villa Borghese in Rome
Villa Borghese in Rome

Sicilian Cannolo

Trastevere, Rome

Roman Artichoke at Ditta Trinchetti Restaurant in Trastevere

Mozzarella road, Naples

Street art, Naples

Naples street market

Sfogliatelle, Naples