21 Jan 2014

Say hello to our new decal collection!

I have worked hard during the Christmas so that Made of Sundays could start the year with a new collection!
It is full of inspirational quotes, ribbons and smells like freshly made coffee.

I hope you like it!!!

Remember you can also buy them directly from our cute little web store.

1 Jan 2014

Hey 2014, may you be welcome here!

Let's take a minute to give a big farewell hug to 2013!! 
I thought that the great 2012 would be impossible to beat, but dear 2013: you totally nailed it. 

A year full of changes, achievements, lots of laughs and tears, curry, monkeys and wall decals. It's been pretty tough but somehow - almost simultaneously- it's been awesome too. 

A bunch of longtime dreams came true this year. 

I spent 2 months traveling in India, felt in love with the country and its people. 
As if that weren't cool enough, I became a baby monkey mom; one of the nicest things that ever happened to me. 

I was also brave (and crazy) enough to quit my job and adventure into the freelance world.

Since then we have been working our entrepreneurial ass off with all kinds of cool projects; Made of Sundays and Taste of Sundays are good examples of what happens when you have the power to choose what you want to do with your time.

It hasn't exactly been a bed of roses, but for the first time in my life I feel like I'm doing what I was meant to do... and it feels wonderful.

To all these great adventures, I have to add a bit more of traveling, skating, surfing, hiking and some serious eating (and drinking). 

Thanks 2013 for give me the strength to follow my dreams.

Thanks to everybody who supported me... family, friends and one crazy Finnish guy... Thanks to all of you who stayed by my side (literally or in heart) even when I seemed to be totally nuts.

Thanks for your patience and help; thanks for your nice words, laughs, gossips, morning coffees; thanks for the long distance calls, whatsapps, dinners, saunas, Skypes, tequilas and dances until dawn. No matter if you are here or far away, may you all have a wonderful 2014!!!!!

(Dear new year; you are going to have a hard time to level up everything that happened in 2013) 

P.S. New year resolutions? yes. Stop biting my nails and learn Finnish... I still haven't decided which one is going to be more difficult to achieve, probably the combination of both.