7 Oct 2013

I would kill for a neighbor like Totoro

It took some time (OMG, a year!) for me to move out of my lovely tent in the middle of Moonrise Kingdom. I really enjoyed dancing on the beach and wearing beetle earrings, but it was about time to pick another movie I would like to live in.

After some serious thinking I figured that it would be nice to live in a house for a change, specially after a year living on a summer camp, that is why I choose Satsuki and Mei's house from 'My Neighbor Totoro', a movie I have seen at least 5 times.

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I'm not so much into Japanese manga, but Hayao Miyazaki films are special. Asides from being beautifully animated, all his movies have a magic touch that make me feel like a little girl every time I see them. I can even promise that 'My Neighbor Totoro' will make you smile at least once.

The main character, Totoro, is cuter than a bunch of sleepy kittens; he is huge, fluffy and has the cutest friends ever, like the miniature Totoros or the Cat bus.
Unlike other (Disney-style) kids movies, this one has a very simple and realistic story with the perfect amount of fantasy; there are no fights, no love affairs, punishments, scary monsters nor dark evil characters.

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By living in this movie, you could just spend the day listening the sounds of nature, admiring the watercolor lanscapes or simply taking a nap curled on Totoro's furry tummy.

A truly splendid movie that everybody, no matter their age, should watch.
You can start with the trailer: 

Btw, I strongly recommend seeing this movie in Japanese (with whatever subtitles you like), English dubs suck and totally ruin the atmosphere of the movie. 


  1. I've been meaning to watch this movie for the longest time! I even have a Totoro plushie without even have watched the film! I'm very happy right now because I last visited your blog in February before a return visit to Rome, and I forgot to bookmark it! I was thinking about it ever since!

  2. Welcome back Zoë! I hope you enjoyed Rome!
    Totoro is a really sweet movie, you should definitely watch it! fast!

  3. http://www.martinhsu.com/news.php?p=2177

    Hi! Found your blog by googling about barcelona food. As a fellow Totoro fan, thought you'd enjoy the link about the real Totoro house built in japan that you can visit.

  4. OMG Sheila!!! cannot believe that the Totoro house actually exists!
    Now I know where I'm going for my next holidays! super thanks for the link!!


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