1 Aug 2013

Cutest beach in Helsinki

Believe it or not, we got beaches in Helsinki.

I confess that for many years I refused to call them beaches. No way on Earth Finnish beaches could be compared with the beautiful Mediterranean beaches back home.
I soon realized that comparing Finland with Spain (or any other country) may lead to a very miserable life. Because if you keep on putting both countries side by side, Finland is always going to suck a bit, especially if you are talking about the summer, the sun or the weather in general.

So, let's get rid of comparisons and forget Spanish stuff for a moment.
Finland seems much more beautiful now, right? ... allow me to say that we got pretty decent beaches up here as well. One of my favorites has to be Mustikkamaa beach.

Yes, the water is freezing cold and looks like pea soup, so what? You can still swim, take sun and listen to the sound of splashing waves. Children can still make sand castles. You can definitely eat an ice-cream while you look at the lifeguard's biceps. Technically, Mustikkamaa is a beach, a pretty cute beach. It gets even cuter when they told you that Mustikkamaa means 'blueberry land' in Finnish.

This beach is not far away from Helsinki center, you just have to take the Metro to Kulosaari station and walk from there. Here you have the map.

Asides from going to Mustikkamaa, there are many other nice things to do in Helsinki during the summer. I absolutely recommend that you check this Helsinki in one day super awesome guide. 



  1. Oh I've never heard of Mustikkamaa but it sounds indeed a cute name. It's said to be warm until Sep this year so hopefully I can still visit the beach again soon :)

  2. Looking at the weather forecast for the week, you better hurry up!! :-)
    Happy summer!


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