22 Jul 2013

Tapas guide & other cool stuff

It is time to leave India aside for a while to present you my newest and most awesome adventure:

I'm so excited.
This project is born out of our love for food, Sundays and everything that makes us happy.
From now on, Taste of Sundays it is going to be our little space to share all the amazing things happening around us.

To kick-off the page, we published this amazing Beginners Guide to tapas, which for sure is going to come in handy in your next visit to Spain.

Aside from tapas, we are promoting local cultures and good food. We want to tell you about that little store or that small bar around the corner that puts a smile in every person that walks in. Our hope is to publish stories that will get you thinking, talking and hopefully inspire you to get out there and try for yourself.

Want to show us something great?

We wish you to support your local community by participating and sharing. Do you have a hidden gem up your sleeve? if you happen to know some cool local product or service that you feel is adding something special to the society, go ahead and give us a shout! We are always on the lookout for inspiring things made with love, and fascinating places that will leave us yearning for more.

Interesting cities are only interesting because of the people, and in the end it's you who have the power to make things great!

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