10 Jun 2013

Chapter 6: The market hunter

I’m not the kind of person that looks for monuments, museums or churches when traveling. If you want to make me smile, just give me a nice food market to wander around and I will be the happiest girl in the world.

Asides from all the delicious and exotic food you can find in there, you will also get an instant feel of the city’s vibe. Markets are cool.

I love to walk around the food stalls and get soaked with the market atmosphere.
I like to buy stuff I have never eaten before (I totally got this from my father).
I like to imagine what kind of breakfast that nun is going to make with a kilo of bananas.

I like to watch that old lady poking all the avocados until she finds the ripe one, that vendor who gives a free lichy to a kid and that man who tries to sneak to the front of the bread stall line.

When I grow up I want to be a market hunter (because being Anthony Bourdain is already taken), travel around the world looking for the best markets.

I have no doubt that the Indian ones will be high up on the top 10 list. They are a festival of colours, smells and interesting people. I feel I’m in the right country.

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