5 Jun 2013

Chapter 5: It's a girl!

A man brought a little cage few days ago.
Maggot was very curious to see what kind of food was in there. 

But all he found was a tiny little baby monkey, not older than one month. What a disappointment.
The mother was killed by a dog, fortunately the little one managed to escape.

The poor thing was scared, hungry and exhausted.
We gave her some milk and a few cuddles, which seemed to calm her down.

In the wild, these babies do not separate from their mothers during their first year of life. That means that she is going to require 24-hour care in order to survive, just as she would get from her natural mother.

I haven’t been to mom school yet, but this poor hairy monster did not have much choice.
For the next 3 weeks I’m going to be her adoptive mother, I will have this little monkey hanging from my neck day and night... so far she seems happy about it.

Mommy’s tasks - asides from giving lots of love – involve grooming, changing dippers and feeding the baby every 3 hours (also at night time). I have done that for less than a week now and I have only one thing to say: Mothers out there, you should be thankful that human babies do not jump. Seriously.

By the way, if you happen to be around Goa in July and feel like babysitting this cutie, please contact The Tree House, they will really appreciate a bit of help! 

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