1 Jun 2013

Chapter 4: Monkeys make me happy

I’m in Goa waiting for the Monsoon to start.
The Tree House is going to be my home for the following weeks.

Looks like an hotel, but it is actually a monkey rescue centre, which means that I’m going to be sharing home with 40 monkeys, 4 dogs and 19 cats.
As a mater of fact, I’m already sharing bed with Chickoo the dog, Melon, Lola, Thug and Bhura,

Jo and John Hicks, the founders of this place, have been rescuing and providing care to orphaned, abused or injured primates for many years. They got a bunch of lovely helpers who work hard to make sure that all the animals (and volunteers) in the centre get all the care they need.
Monkeys also make sure that everybody is happy and gets a good grooming every now and then.

It is going to take a while until the monkeys get to know me; I already realized that some of them are not as cute as they seem, they really got that look on their face saying "I want to see you dead".

However, I managed to make few friends already.
The first day I met Tufty at the swimming pool, he gave me a big welcome hug.
They say that he is quite dangerous for women but he has been a gentleman so far. 

Denis, the one-year-old macaque, is a sweetheart (when he is not trying to eat me).
I have taken him to swim few times already and it went quite well, he really likes playing at the pool and has lot of fun chewing my hair.

His housemate Tilly is pretty sociable too, she did try to bite me but I take it as a compliment.
I’m sure we are going to be best friends.

While you wait for the next monkey post, check out the rescue center website primatetrustindia.org

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