13 May 2013

What am I doing here?

Yesterday, I woke up in New Delhi.
I don’t know how this even happened… but here I am, alone in India, doing the craziest thing I have ever done in my life (besides moving to Finland). Yaay!

I am not sure how much I will be able to write about my adventures, considering that Internet connection is not something India is known for, but I promise I’ll do my best! Especially because my mom made me swear that I will post lots of pictures and I cannot let her down.

Chapter one: 


I got from Delhi to Bangalore without too much hassle.
I was taught that Delhi airport was a big beautiful mess but without the beautiful part. Hence, I was ready to get lost and confused… against all odds I survived pretty well. As a matter of fact, switching terminals was not as bad as in Charles de Gaulle (sorry Paris but your airport sucks).

Relaxing Delhi airport
Getting to the hotel
My hotel in Bangalore was out from an Indian horror movie, but in a funny way.
The neighborhood was not what I would call a walk friendly area, unless you enjoy walking in between cars, auto rickshaws, motorbikes, dogs and cows. I also had the impression that I was the only foreigner those people have seen in years.

Lovely view from my room
I made the mistake to go for a walk, which ended up being more like and obstacle race instead of a walk. I wanted to capture the street chaos with my camera but I was terribly afraid that someone or something will run over me while I was taking the picture. I just got a few shots of traffic-free areas.

30 min were more than enough to prove myself brave.
Once I got to the hotel after my quick "walk" I realized one thing: in order to stay alive in India until July I had to look for a bit more peaceful area. So, I booked a nicer hotel for a couple of nights in the city center. The hotel is conveniently called Escape Hotel, exactly what I was looking for... especially after getting a complimentary Break Fast coupon, thank you very much.

Fortunately, I got to the other hotel in one piece.
Now I can see some sort of sidewalks on the streets, that already makes me so happy!


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  1. Photos from the new hotel!!! Great to have your adventures here!!Love, Flor (i)


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