5 May 2013

Nice places in Helsinki: Street Gastro

I couldn't believe it when I saw it... Gourmet sandwiches on the streets of Helsinki!!

Street food culture is something pretty normal in other cities, but still rather exotic around here (asides from Restaurant Day). It is always a nice surprise when you find a food truck, but it is even nicer when they actually have good food. These guys just made my day.

That's what you should do:
1. Go here.
2. Grab a Street Gastro sandwich.
3. Take a seat on the stairs of Senaatintori (Senate Square). Unless it is winter or winter-winter, in that case jump directly to step number 5.
4. Have a laugh watching the tourists posing for a picture in front of the Cathedral and/or taking photos with their iPads, which I always find hilarious.
5. Go home happy and check out more nice places in Helsinki.

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