18 May 2013

Chapter 2: A letter to the future

By the time you read this I will probably be in a meditation course in the middle of nowhere.
I'm going to use Blogger's schedule feature for first time. This post will be magically published the day I want without me having to press any button. Sounds like sending a letter to the future, creepy stuff.

Anyway, I will be 10 days without any contact with the civilization, in fact, I need to leave my iPhone, Mac, music, watch, books and any other kind of "entertainment" in a safety box before I start the course... I know that sounds like I'm about to enter in a prison, but believe me, it is not that bad.
Actually, it is going to be very nice to take a break from all that stuff for a while... I really need an Internet detox for example :-) There will be no coffee, no talking and no physical contact with anybody... A bit like working in office full of developers in Finland, except for the coffee of course.

So, while I'm meditating you can look at all these awesome pics I made in Bangalore.

Ready? Now, I encourage you to take this Internet detox with me, at least for a day.
Go out with your friends instead of chatting with them in WhatsApp, shout stuff out of your car window instead of posting it on Twitter, invite your mom for a coffee instead of commenting the cute cat picture she put on Facebook.

See you in a while, be happy!!

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