21 Apr 2013

Nice places in Helsinki: Fafa's

I can pretty much summarize Fafa's in 3 words: Best falafel ever.

There are not many places in Helsinki where you can grab something (good) to eat after work, without actually needing to sit in a proper restaurant. That is why I love Fafa's.
And that is why I think there should be a Fafa's in every neighborhood in Helsinki (even Konala deserves one).

They are specialized in falafel, but also serve chicken pitas, kebabs and salads.
A very nice alternative to fast food. This is more like good food made fast... with fresh ingredients, organic chickpeas and homemade pita bread. You are gonna love it. 

There are two tiny Fafa's in Helsinki, one in the center and the other in Kallio (where I happen to live, yaay!).  So, whenever you find yourself really hungry but oh so lazy to go to the store, you definitely must give this place a try.

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  1. I've heard a lot of good things about this place but never visited it (even though I'm close to it in kallio too)


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