25 Apr 2013

Cannot believe it is over

90% of the snow is gone.
I thought this day will never come, but I can finally say that winter is over.
Let's all take a moment to jump a bit and cry of happiness.

me jumping on the frozen sea

It has been such a long and dark winter that a sunny +8 ºC day totally feels like summer.
Now I understand why all the Nordic tourists that travel to Spain in winter are happily walking around with sandals (and socks, unfortunately) while the Spaniards are wearing scarves and gloves.

I have probably become one of them already, because as soon as the thermometer goes above zero, it feels so wrong to wear a winter-winter coat, even though it is still cold as hell outside.  
There is some mysterious force that makes me wear a spring jacket and leave the gloves/hat at home. It's not because I'm warm... I think it is more of a subconscious act of rebelliousness against winter.

And it seems to work.
I believe that when mr. Winter sees everybody wearing spring clothes, he finally gets it. It takes a while but eventually he decides to go somewhere else and leave poor Finland in peace for a few months.

Here goes my contribution:

Me wearing spring clothes on top of that 10% of snow that hasn't melted yet. Which I call luska.
I could not find any Finnish name for this crap, not even in my awesome Finnish snow guide *, so I just made up my own word by combining lumi (snow) + paska (shit). 

Bye bye winter, bye bye luska!
We had great moments together this year... but now it is time for you to fuck off. Thanks.

* They do have loska - which I believe it is a combination of lumi (snow) + roska (rubbish) - but since loska is made out of melted snow, it did not work in this case. 


  1. Luska is probably the ONlY way to describe that dog-pooey, gravelly black snow. Well done!



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