21 Mar 2013

Spring is (not) here

21st of March.
Spring officially started.
And this is how Helsinki looks like in our very first "spring" day.

I know it does not look so springy...
but hey thanks to this we were able to beat few records this year:

The darkest winter in 25 years

Helsinki has seen about 50 hours of sunlight since the beginning of December. Yaay!

The coldest March in 50 years

Yes, I can tell you, it is March and it is cold.

Walking path on the Baltic Sea

.... and it does not end here. We were able to walk on top of the sea for several months in a row!
You cannot say that from many countries, can you? 

Finland, I'm so proud of you.

Wanna know more about Finnish weather?
Check the truth about Finnish weather.


  1. Hi! I really like your pics and writing style. We are all desperarely waiting for the spring to arrive. :)

    1. Thanks Maria!!! I think that we have well deserved a bit of spring this year.
      I'm confident it is going to come eventually... and it is gonna be awesome!

  2. i really admire all of your pictures.may i know what camera do you use?

    1. Hi! Thanks! it is a Fujifilm x100 and I seriously love it with all my heart!!!!


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