21 Mar 2013

Spring is (not) here

21st of March.
Spring officially started.
And this is how Helsinki looks like in our very first "spring" day.

I know it does not look so springy...
but hey thanks to this we were able to beat few records this year:

The darkest winter in 25 years

Helsinki has seen about 50 hours of sunlight since the beginning of December. Yaay!

The coldest March in 50 years

Yes, I can tell you, it is March and it is cold.

Walking path on the Baltic Sea

.... and it does not end here. We were able to walk on top of the sea for several months in a row!
You cannot say that from many countries, can you? 

Finland, I'm so proud of you.

Wanna know more about Finnish weather?
Check the truth about Finnish weather.

11 Mar 2013

Bread Revolution

We had quite a few revolutions in this blog last year: food in Finland, happiness... there has even been a small knit graffiti revolution.

Today, the rebel inside me is screaming for real bread.
from the Helsinki sourdough bread revolution

Bread culture in Finland is a bit different than in Southern Europe.
There are very few bakeries in Helsinki, most of the people buys their bread from the supermarket. In addition to this, bread production is quite monopolized, hence there is not much space for artisan bakers.

That is why I decided to devote the first revolution of the year to sourdough bread.
"Sourdough bread relies on natural bacteria to rise as opposed to commercial yeast. Handled with care and passion, the resulting loaf is a celebration of the work done by arable farmers and the baker. Deep crust, rich creamy aerated crumb enhanced by the complexity brought by long fermentation time, sourdough bread is the true expression of the grain, its soil and environment." (from the Helsinki sourdough bread revolution)
Finns are the kings of rye bread, which is by the way delicious, but as I said artisan bread is hard to find in here.

Or well, it was hard to find until I met Jerome at Open Kitchen, the guy who started the Helsinki sourdough bread revolution. He is using traditional French baking techniques to make the most amazing bread I have ever eaten.

I wish that Jerome gets to open a bakery some day so that smell of freshly-baked bread covers the streets of Helsinki. Meanwhile, you can follow his bread adventure in here

I will myself join the revolution by trying to make sourdough bread at home some day... at least I got this book and I have some french sourdough starter waiting for me in the fridge.

I just need a couple of free days to get started. Wish me luck!