26 Feb 2013

Nice places in Helsinki: Best Coffee places

I started to write a Helsinki coffee guide long time ago.
For the last 2 months I have been unsuccessfully trying to finish it... while hoping that someone else would write one.

Kalle finally did it... and honestly, it is much better than the one I was writing.
Since I'm a lazy bastard I will surrender and share his guide about the Best Coffee in Helsinki.
I hope you can forgive me some day.

Coffee from Sävy
All the places Kalle mentions have amazing (real!) coffee and it is extremely hard to say which is the best. I would just like to add Gran Delicato to the list, which is one of my favorites. 
My absolute favorite though is Kahvila Sävy.

Why? simply because it is just around the corner from my apartment, I go there (almost) every morning to get my cappuccino before heading to work. The coffee is awesome and they always welcome you with a smile. Moreover, one of the baristas is a big Totoro fan. I cannot ask for more.

Kahvila Sävy (from Best Coffee in Helsinki)
Kahvila Sävy (from Best Coffee in Helsinki)

Super thanks to Kalle for making Helsinki a better place!... as well as for saving my life with his great coffee a couple of times when we were in Open Kitchen.

(No wonder he recently won the Finnish Barista Champion 2013!)

More nice places in Helsinki here.


  1. Actually, Sävy is one of my best coffee places in Helsinki too. It is not easy to choose which café has the best coffee, I suppose it is just your own taste matter. I had a similar idea than you but with croissants, I can´t say which one is the best but I can say which ones are the worst,s are many!! Adios!

    1. So true! I think the general ambiance of the place also makes the coffee taste better/worse :-)


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