20 Feb 2013

My last hours as a 28 years old

I spent my last hours of being 28 years old making myself a chocolate cake (while listening the Barcelona vs Milan soccer game).

The cake is in the oven now, so I decided to get a glass of wine and write a couple of lines.

First of all, let me repeat how great this year was... I need to say it once more: it was great, thanks.

happy me at the age of 3 in my grandparents' awesome swimming pool

Damn. 29 sounds like a scary number.
I am starting to realize that very soon I will have exactly 1 year to do all the things I wanted to do before turning 30:
  1. Learn Finnish 
  2. Travel to India
  3. See the Aurora Borealis 
  4. Go to a cooking school 
  5. Buy a longboard and skate to work everyday
  6. Get over my fear of driving
  7. Go to the Gelato University 
  8. Participate in some volunteer program 
  9. Eat at a Michelin start restaurant  
  10. Visit Southern Italy
  11. Stand up on a surf board for more than 10 seconds
  12. Finish my last painting 
  13. Take a sommelier course 
  14. Travel to Japan and/or New York
  15. Ride a pink bike 
Oh my...why do I always leave everything to the last minute year?

Well, I work best under pressure so let's make it happen, 365 days are a lot of days...
Let's try to cross off all the items on this list!
(except for the number 1... I'm sorry but I can already tell you that life is too short to learn Finnish)

Cake is ready, Barcelona lost the soccer game... and I still have a couple of minutes left before I become 29. I'm gonna start the countdown by listening to this song as loud as I can.
Sorry dear neighbors, this is the last time. I promise.

we are young
so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun.


  1. Don't worry about the pink bike ;) Big big kiss!

  2. I came by your blog when googling alternative things to do in Rome! I fell in love with your blog, and your sense of humour and your illustrations! I too need to learn to get over my fear of driving, and I want to learn to speak either german or italian.

    Well - happy birthday and thanks for the Rome tips!

  3. Thanks dear Zoë! you made my day :-)
    I wish you good luck in getting over the fear of driving and learning Italian (I tried to learn German for a year... your life will be happier if you go for the Italian, trust me.)

    Have fun in Rome and let me give you one extra tip because you seem so nice: Remember to eat lots of ice-cream! here are some of my favorite gelaterias:


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