18 Feb 2013

Arabic cuisine in a hair salon

Just to prove that everything is possible during Restaurant Day... my yesterday's lunch was Arabic, from a pop-up restaurant inside a hair salon in Uudenmaankatu,16. Cool.

Now you can start getting ready for the next Restaurant Day, which will be the 18th of May and it is going to be awesome... specially because all the "lovely" snow will be gone by then.


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  2. I always go to restaurant in any day because i like to eat food with friends. But i am very surprised to read article that a saloon is in the restaurant. That's good but i think this is not adjusted with restaurant environment. Because there are food items. If any other things are there, then it will be okay.

  3. When i have free time, i go to restaurant with my friends too. I know an article:"Arabic Restaurants in Dubai With Hair Salon" But i don't believe it. And now, that's right.lol


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