26 Feb 2013

Nice places in Helsinki: Best Coffee places

I started to write a Helsinki coffee guide long time ago.
For the last 2 months I have been unsuccessfully trying to finish it... while hoping that someone else would write one.

Kalle finally did it... and honestly, it is much better than the one I was writing.
Since I'm a lazy bastard I will surrender and share his guide about the Best Coffee in Helsinki.
I hope you can forgive me some day.

Coffee from Sävy
All the places Kalle mentions have amazing (real!) coffee and it is extremely hard to say which is the best. I would just like to add Gran Delicato to the list, which is one of my favorites. 
My absolute favorite though is Kahvila Sävy.

Why? simply because it is just around the corner from my apartment, I go there (almost) every morning to get my cappuccino before heading to work. The coffee is awesome and they always welcome you with a smile. Moreover, one of the baristas is a big Totoro fan. I cannot ask for more.

Kahvila Sävy (from Best Coffee in Helsinki)
Kahvila Sävy (from Best Coffee in Helsinki)

Super thanks to Kalle for making Helsinki a better place!... as well as for saving my life with his great coffee a couple of times when we were in Open Kitchen.

(No wonder he recently won the Finnish Barista Champion 2013!)

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20 Feb 2013

My last hours as a 28 years old

I spent my last hours of being 28 years old making myself a chocolate cake (while listening the Barcelona vs Milan soccer game).

The cake is in the oven now, so I decided to get a glass of wine and write a couple of lines.

First of all, let me repeat how great this year was... I need to say it once more: it was great, thanks.

happy me at the age of 3 in my grandparents' awesome swimming pool

Damn. 29 sounds like a scary number.
I am starting to realize that very soon I will have exactly 1 year to do all the things I wanted to do before turning 30:
  1. Learn Finnish 
  2. Travel to India
  3. See the Aurora Borealis 
  4. Go to a cooking school 
  5. Buy a longboard and skate to work everyday
  6. Get over my fear of driving
  7. Go to the Gelato University 
  8. Participate in some volunteer program 
  9. Eat at a Michelin start restaurant  
  10. Visit Southern Italy
  11. Stand up on a surf board for more than 10 seconds
  12. Finish my last painting 
  13. Take a sommelier course 
  14. Travel to Japan and/or New York
  15. Ride a pink bike 
Oh my...why do I always leave everything to the last minute year?

Well, I work best under pressure so let's make it happen, 365 days are a lot of days...
Let's try to cross off all the items on this list!
(except for the number 1... I'm sorry but I can already tell you that life is too short to learn Finnish)

Cake is ready, Barcelona lost the soccer game... and I still have a couple of minutes left before I become 29. I'm gonna start the countdown by listening to this song as loud as I can.
Sorry dear neighbors, this is the last time. I promise.

we are young
so let's set the world on fire
we can burn brighter
than the sun.

18 Feb 2013

Arabic cuisine in a hair salon

Just to prove that everything is possible during Restaurant Day... my yesterday's lunch was Arabic, from a pop-up restaurant inside a hair salon in Uudenmaankatu,16. Cool.

Now you can start getting ready for the next Restaurant Day, which will be the 18th of May and it is going to be awesome... specially because all the "lovely" snow will be gone by then.

15 Feb 2013

More cool stuff in Barcelona

A couple of new finds to add to the Cool stuff in Barcelona collection.

La Clandestina

Baixada de Viladecols, 2

A real "teteria" in the heart of the Gotic Quarter.
Great relaxing place after a long I-have-to-see-everything day in the city.
Nice and quiet, with an amazing tea selection, fresh smoothies, lassis and free Wi-Fi.
I cannot really ask for more.

Oh yes, I can. They have the best Chai tea I have ever tried in Barcelona. Go.


 Pepa Tomate

Plaça de la Revolució nº17

If you want to go a bit more fancy than the basic tapas you should try this place located in Gràcia, one of my favorite districts in Barcelona.

Original (yet traditional) tapas and sandwiches made with fresh market ingredients.
A bit on the pricey side but totally worth the visit. The patatas bravas are a must try.

Did you know that they also make their own wine and cava?

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