30 Jan 2013

How to find the perfect apartment

It took me several years, but I finally developed a pretty good system that will help you find the perfect apartment. Listen very carefully:

All you need is a vacuum cleaner. I'm not kidding.

Every time you visit an apartment candidate, bring the vacuum cleaner along and follow these easy "How to find the perfect apartment" instructions:

Did you answer yes? good, you are in front of a perfect apartment!
If you answered no... I'm sorry, you are not in front of the perfect apartment. Go and take an ice-cream, it helps.

Why is it perfect?

First of all, your blood pressure will not rise every time you need to stop in the middle of the cleaning process, unplug the vacuum, find another plug and resume the vacuuming.

Moreover, if the apartment was truly easy to vacuum it can only mean that 1. it is small and 2. it has an open floor plan... and those, my dear friends, are the most important things to take into account when looking for a new apartment. 

Here is why:

1. The apartment is small
Small apartments are fast to clean
Therefore, the apartment is fast to clean

2. The apartment has an open floor plan
Open floor plan apartments are perfect for socializing
Therefore, the apartment is perfect for socializing

If you go for that apartment, you will find yourself spending your weekends socializing instead of cleaning... think about it.

16 Jan 2013

If I cannot have a cat, I want a blue sofa

For those who are still wondering what to get me as a birthday gift, here you have a small hint:
I'm in love with this sofa.

It is a bit expensive but think that it will make me almost as happy as getting a box full of kittens. And well, my birthday is next month, so you still got time to save some money.

Another small hint:  You can buy it from Moko, one of my favorite stores in Helsinki (which by the way, means snot in Spanish, LOL)... AND it has a 20% discount. Convinced? go here.

P.S. I will look surprised when I get it, I promise.

8 Jan 2013

Nice places in Helsinki: E2 Cafe

I found one more little place to add to the list.
E2 is a small cafe in Eerikinkatu 12.

Asides from nice coffee, muffins and dumplings they also have the first (and best) Taiwanese bubble tea in Helsinki. I just love it.

I also like the fact that they have a wood communal table where all the guests can sit together, quite rare in Helsinki but nevertheless a great way to meet new people.
From E2 window, you will see a very cute store in the other side of the street. It is called Paloni and sells really nice handmade clothes, jewelry and accessories from independent designers.
If you have the chance, go and take a look at it after your tea. 

Been there already? feel free to check out other not-to-miss nice places in Helsinki!