6 Dec 2012

Join the food revolution!

When people asks me what to do when they visit Barcelona, the first word that immediately comes to my mind is: Eat.

If a couple of years ago someone would have asked me the same about Helsinki - I would have said: Drink... the word eat was far down in my what-to-do list.

Honestly, coming from a country where food (and socializing around food) is one of the most important things in life, I could not understand how I was going to be happy in a place where people were eating a 10 min lunch in front of their computers.

Once again I was proved wrong.
In just few years things have changed so quickly that Helsinki does not feel the same city anymore.
Many nice restaurants/bars/cafes have opened and I suddenly realized that there are tons of food enthusiasts in this country. 

Finland has also experienced the wonders of Restaurant day, which has given the opportunity for people to literally take the streets and show how much they care about good food made with love.
Restaurant day has clearly shown that food is one of the ways to make Helsinki a happier place.

But it does not end here... this is only the beginning of the food revolution.
A month ago I nearly fell off my chair when Antto Melasniemi called to tell me that I have got selected to participate in the coolest project ever: Open Kitchen
This is the deal: during the next 3 weeks I'm gonna be part of an interesting team of 12 lovely people. We are gonna be pretty busy learning how the hell you open a restaurant, planning and designing one... and eventually getting the chance to run it (for real!) during a whole week in Kellohalli. I couldn't be more excited!

Our restaurant will be open from the 15th until the 22nd of December. 
I really hope to see all your pretty faces there!!

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