1 Dec 2012

If I cannot have a cat, I want a fake window

I love the cozy feeling of being at home while it is raining (as it often is in Helsinki).

A good rain storm is the perfect excuse for staying indoors the whole day reading or watching movies. I usually get super restless if I do that when the sun is shining... but it feels better to be home when it's raining (it needs to rain quite a lot), because I know that I'm not missing anything outside.

That's why I would like to get this wall sticker as a replacement of the cat I will never have.

from Chispum

... to allow myself to be lazy sometimes, even if it is not pouring outside.

However, I would also need a no-rain window on my other wall, for those autumn weeks that does not stop raining in many, many days... and you have no more books to read.

from Chispum

You can get these pretty vinyls from Chispum, they deliver worldwide!

Wondering where to find other cool stuff made in Barcelona?
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  1. Why not get a real one? I love the warm feeling of having a hot chocolate in hand and staring out of the window, while it is raining. Just make sure you rain-proofed your window during the autumn season. :)
    Mary Martin

  2. I love your creativity on the surreal windows. However, nothing beats the luminosity of a real window. You can actually feel and breathe the outside scenery like you are actually there. Don't you want to feel the cold winter or the cool summer breeze? I love the rain and the paper airplanes; they just feel so close to real thing. If you have seen Betty Blue you will really love it because of the prominence of the cat in the entire film. Try to have a real window installed, it can really do wonders for the soul. :)

    Sandra Ludwig


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