4 Nov 2012

The most awesome souvenir guide to Barcelona

You already know where to shop, what to visit and where to eat in Barcelona.
But many of you keep on asking what's the best stuff to bring home from your trip. Hence, I decided to collect few ideas for souvenirs and where to find them.
Welcome to The Most Awesome Souvenir Guide to Barcelona!
Here starts my personal battle against Mexican hats, bulls, flamenco outfits and 'BarcelonaBarcelona' bags... which represents Barcelona as well as the Eiffel Tower represents Rome. 

So, before you continue reading, put the right hand over your heart and promise that you are going to resist the temptation of buying a flamenco outfit. Done? Good.
Now you are entitled to check out what kind of stuff is going to save you from the post-vacation depression... as well as remind you of (hopefully) one of the nicest cities you have ever been.

Cool postcards 

One of the few places where you can find decent postcards is WaWas Barcelona (C/ Carders 14).
You can either send it to your family/friends or just frame it up once you get home and hang it on your wall.

They got a really nice collection of images from Barcelona's everyday life.
An original alternative to the traditional postcards, created by two sisters that wanted to share with the world the real Barcelona, the city where they grew up, the place they love.

from here

They also sell mugs with panoramic views of the city, as well as two eatable version of the basic postcards: delicious chocolate wrapped with the coolest WaWas images and the "Chocopost", a combination of Chocolate + DIY postcard.

from here

I must say that WaWas is one of my favorite souvenir stores in the city.
Asides from cool postcards, they also sell many other "made in Barcelona" beautiful stuff, like Chispum vinyl stickers (see bellow). 

Vinyl stickers

from Chispum

Decorative vinyls made in Barcelona by a bunch of extremely talented illustrators.
Their motto says it all: 'Every space has a story and, if not, you should create it'

from here

You can find them in WaWas Barcelona (C/ Carders 14).

In the unfortunate case that you are not planing to go to Barcelona any time soon (or you where so busy eating tapas that you did not have time to go shopping), you can visit their on-line store
Which by the way has the cutest shopping cart icon I have ever seen in my whole life:



From the Chocolat Factory
Super clever packaging combined with oh so delicious chocolate.
from here
There are several stores in the city, for instance the one in Amigó 53 is really nice.
They also have one at the Barcelona airport (Terminal 1), which might come in handy for a last-minute souvenir.

Camper shoes

Camper is a very well known Barcelona shoe brand, famous for their unique style which perfectly combines creativity with functionality.
Camper shoes are pretty, super comfy and will make your feet happy for many many hours.

I got this fabulous pair from my last visit to Barcelona this summer: 

Good food 

There is no better souvenir than a good bottle of cava (Catalan sparkling wine), a piece of cheese or an authentic llonganissa (cured sausage).

from here

A good place to find the best products is Vila Viniteca (C/ Agullers nº 9).

The smell of good food 

In the case Ryanair does not allow you to bring real food, here you have a nice and rather small alternative: the smell of good food.

If someone will ask me what kind of smell reminds me home,  I would probably say a mix of olives, pa amb tomàquet (bread with tomato) and tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette).

La típica Candela came up with the great idea of making candles out of those aromas.
So, no matter where do you live, your house will smell like a typical Catalan kitchen!

from here
You can buy them from Vinçon in Passeig de Gràcia, 96.


This was a very small selection of alternative souvenirs, I am sure that you will probably find a lot more stuff simply by walking around the (non-touristic) streets of Barcelona.
The most important thing is that you don't get stuck with the typical/horrible things they try to sell you by the Rambla.

In the case that you have no time to wonder around the city looking for the perfect souvenir, I recommend to check out the museum stores, for example MACBA has a very good selection of design products made in Barcelona.

P.S. I swear by my mom that I don't get commission from any of the companies mentioned in this post!


  1. Great article! I lived in BCN and I totally agree with you! The WaWas is really a good choice.

  2. I love the shot of your shoes on the tiles! So cute!!!

  3. i took this advice and had my ham tossed at customs. We are talking souvenirs here, guys - come on!

    1. Oh no!! I'm really sorry to hear!! I usually take it vacuum packed and have never had any problems :-( :-( I guess the customs guys had a good afternoon snack with your ham... sorry about that!


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