23 Oct 2012

Nice places in Helsinki: Gran Delicato

I have been posting quite much about all the nice stuff in Spain, Italy, Singapore, Denmark, etc... but that does not mean that I've forgotten about Helsinki, where I actually live. 

As a matter of fact, I’m in the middle of the mission to uncover Helsinki’s nicest little places. 

One by one, I’m going to start sharing all those charming places I have found (or I’m about to find) in this city…. restaurants, bars, cafes, stores…. anything (or anywhere) with a bit of soul.

Let’s get started with...

Gran Delicato

One of the very few cafes where you can eat a proper sandwich (with olive oil instead of butter!)… and get a cup of real hot chocolate.

The atmosphere is really cozy and the ciabattas are just to die for. 
My favorite one is with Graviera cheese, artichoke, aubergine and tomato. Oh my!

This is the kind of place I go when I'm a bit homesick for the South, it feels a like home... even if the guy who runs the place is not Spanish but Greek.

Been there already? feel free to check out other not-to-miss nice places in Helsinki!

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