23 Oct 2012

Nice places in Helsinki: Gran Delicato

I have been posting quite much about all the nice stuff in Spain, Italy, Singapore, Denmark, etc... but that does not mean that I've forgotten about Helsinki, where I actually live. 

As a matter of fact, I’m in the middle of the mission to uncover Helsinki’s nicest little places. 

One by one, I’m going to start sharing all those charming places I have found (or I’m about to find) in this city…. restaurants, bars, cafes, stores…. anything (or anywhere) with a bit of soul.

Let’s get started with...

Gran Delicato

One of the very few cafes where you can eat a proper sandwich (with olive oil instead of butter!)… and get a cup of real hot chocolate.

The atmosphere is really cozy and the ciabattas are just to die for. 
My favorite one is with Graviera cheese, artichoke, aubergine and tomato. Oh my!

This is the kind of place I go when I'm a bit homesick for the South, it feels a like home... even if the guy who runs the place is not Spanish but Greek.

Been there already? feel free to check out other not-to-miss nice places in Helsinki!

18 Oct 2012

I would like to live in the Moonrise Kingdom

Have you ever wished to live inside a movie?
I have, many many times... and I think this topic is worth a section.

So, with today's post I'm inaugurating "Movies I would like to live in", a section devoted to all those special films that made me smile.

The first movie I want to add to the list is Moonrise Kingdom, the latest film from Wes Anderson.

from here

It is a very peculiar film, one of those that you either love or hate.
Do not expect a super elaborated storyline and a ton of action and special effects. This is more the sort of movie with an extremely simple (and sweet) plot, wonderful atmosphere and a bunch of extremely talented actors. 

My kind of movie, but clearly not for everyone. 

from here

Moonrise Kingdom tells the love story of two kids that run away from home just because they want to be together.

from here
from here

Watching the two of them fall into a young/rebel love made me smile... and wish to be called Suzy, not only to have a Sam to scape with but also to get the chance to wear this orange dress:

from here
from here
Moonrise Kingdom has all the ingredients to become one of my favorite movies of this year.
And definitely one of those films I would like to live in, for many reasons:
  • genuine love
  • clever humor 
  • surrealistic atmosphere
  • quirkiness
  • a cat
  • inspiring visual style 
  • the soundtrack
  • vintage color scheme
  • 60's outfits
from here
I don't know why but I just love it.

14 Oct 2012

If I cannot have a cat, I want a wallpaper partially made by trolls

How about this cool wallpaper to substitute the cat I will never have?
(Read here why I am looking for a cat replacement)

I really see myself having a wall with this beautiful pattern on my next apartment! ... plus it would fit perfect with the turquoise doors I will have some day.

It's designed by Swedish illustrator Sandra Isaksson (and her trolls) and you can get it from her shop ISAK, which by the way has many other happy things.
Yeah, I meant trolls... as it says in the site, all ISAK products are part hand made by trolls.


I am so sold.

8 Oct 2012

A little happiness revolution

I have always believed that being positive has positive outcomes. 

Last week, I stumbled upon this great talk by Shawn Achor and I could not agree more with him.
Shawn believes that just like we train our bodies, we can also train our minds to look for the positive things in life. Everybody can do it. You can start right now if you want.

How? He suggests doing the following tasks every day during 21 days. 
By the end of what I called the Happiness Diet, you will have trained your brain to be happier. Easy peasy. 

I officially started this diet on Friday, together with 4 of my best friends. We have been sharing our gratitudes with each other every day and it feels so good, almost as good as eating ice-cream.

Come on! Don't be lazy and join our little happiness revolution!