13 Sept 2012

Slow shopping in Valencia

Valencia, one more city to add to my slow shopping guide.
If you happen to go there, here are some of the must-visit stores around the historical center:

Madame Bugalú and the killer poodle

C/ de las Danzas, 3
I swear that is the real name of the store!


C/ de los Derechos, 22
C/ de la Lonja, 6
Probably from the same owners than the previous one, they also have mens fashion in this one.

I bought a beautiful necklace from there, made by Manitas de Plata:


C/ de los Derechos, 36
They got their own brand Yló, which is locally designed and produced.
Moreover, you will find a nice selection of other small fashion labels from all around the world.

Monki Shop

C/ Calatrava, 11
Lots of cute dresses! They also have children clothes and all kinds of accessories.

Rafael Solaz Library

C/ San Fernando, 7
One of the nicest libraries I have seen. Asides from the antique books, you will also find vintage jewels, curious objects and other random relics.

... and a lazy cat!

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