19 Sept 2012

If I cannot have a cat, I want a door that matches my coat

From now on, this is going to be the number one requirement when looking for new apartments.
I definitely need a door that matches my coat. Don't you?

So far I have found one in Copenhagen, but it would take quite a while to get to work if I go to live there.... so I have to keep on looking.
I know it is not going to be an easy task to find a turquoise door in the oh so grey Helsinki, but I have not completely lost faith in humanity (yet).

The sad thing is that when I was living in Italy, I actually had an apartment with all the doors painted with this beautiful color...

 ... but I had an orange coat back then. Life is so unfair sometimes.

(the color of my shoes did match the doors though!)
Can I go back to Italy now that I finally have the most perfect coat for my Italian doors?

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  1. If you cannot have a cat, then put a cat on your coat. Got it from her http://cationdesigns.blogspot.com/2012/12/christmas-cat-sweater-finale.html. Check out her blog! She loves putting cats on her clothes. Just think, if you put one on any of these coats it will be more stylish. Love the red one, btw!

    Joel Salmon


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