4 Sept 2012

Cool stuff in Barcelona

No matter how many times I visit Barcelona (or how long I lived there), I always discover something new: a nice place to eat, some store with cute things, cupcakes, a hidden park to take a nap, etc.

So... I decided to start keeping track of all the cool stuff I come across in Barcelona.
Here you have the first batch of fresh findings from this summer, enjoy!

Cosmo bar

C/ Enric Granados 3

A very cool bar/art gallery to hang out for a while, they also organize workshops every now and then.
(Their smoothies are delicious!)

The kissing street

C/ dels petons 

A very tiny street with a super cute name, it definitely deserves a mention in here.
It is literally called "the street of the kisses".

One more name to add to my collection of romantic streets, together with the "Lovers Street" (Carrer dels Enamorats) and the "Love Street" (Carrer de l'Amor).


Real gelato

I found two new ice-cream places with authentic gelato:


Plaça de la vila de gràcia 15
(they probably make the best pistacchio ice-cream in Barcelona)

from here

Cremeria Toscana

C/ Muntaner 161
C/ Canvis Vells 2

Demasié cookies

C/ Princesa 28

If you are planning to pull off a breakfast in bed, this is a perfect place to buy a bag of really good cookies to go with the morning coffee.

... and in the case you get lazy, there is also the possibility to have breakfast in their cute cafe.

A beautiful garden

Jardins de Rubió i Lluch
C/ Eduardo Conde 2

The Library's inner garden, a proper oasis in the middle of the city.
You can go there to read, take a nap, enjoy a minute of silence, or just to get a bit of shadow during hot summer afternoons.

One cool corner

C/ Consellers 
It has always made me happy to stumble on some cool street art.

Preparing a special dinner?

Vila Viniteca
C/ Agullers nº 9

In Vila Viniteca you are going to find a very good selection of wines, cheeses and many other gourmet goodies to prepare a wonderful candle light dinner. Any volunteers?

They have an on-line store and even organize wine tasting courses.

Yumcha bubble tea

C/ de la Palla, 5

I felt in love with bubble tea when I was in Singapore.... and I'm oh so happy that it has finally arrived to Barcelona!

That's it for the moment! I will be updating this list as soon as I find new cool stuff.

(actually, here you have more cool stuff in Barcelona)

Ah! and do not forget to check:


  1. Gracias Alba!

    We cannot wait to visit Barcelona and Spain for the first time and your tips are amazing. We love your guides!

    We chose Catalonia for our first time in Spain!

    1. You are more than welcome!! I hope you have an awesome time in Barcelona!


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