26 Aug 2012

Meet my girls

I used to paint quite a lot, back in the days when I had time and inspiration to do so.
And then I moved to Helsinki... and it was hard to find the time, the space (and the inspiration) to start painting.

I also have to admit that I feel much more the urge to paint when there is a bit of drama going on in my life... and needless to say that Finland is not exactly the epicenter of drama.

I only managed to paint this one a year after I moved here... and I haven't touch a brush since then.

However, before I went on holidays I was sick and oh so bored at home that I felt the need to start sketching... and before I could even think about it, I found myself in front of the white canvas with a tube of oil paint in my hand. The end of 3 paint-less years.

It still needs a couple of days of work, let's hope I have the energy to finish it at some point next month. I promise I will show the end result. 

Painting mainly works as a therapy for me, but once the paintings are ready I don't know what to do with them. I do not necessary feel like hanging them on the wall.
That's why I abandoned my paintings at my parents house, when I went to live on my own 10 years ago. I left all of them behind, except for this one, which has a very special meaning to me.
I took her to Barcelona, she was hanging in my rather sad apartment and gave me good vibes every morning. But then I moved to Austria and had no choice but leave her with my parents too.

They are all still there. My mother have some on display, the ones that seem a bit more "normal", the rest of the collection is hidden in the basement.
I do not blame her, I don't really see something like this hanging on their living room wall.

I hardly ever wanted to show "my girls" to anybody, most of my friends don't even know about it.
But I think it is about time to take them out from the basement. At least virtually.

It may or may not make me feel better, but -as my grandmother used to say- what doesn't kill you, makes you fat.

There you go.


  1. Brilliant Albeta!!! Love the no head girls in red, they seem a serial (the towel one, the one who show the shoulder and the legs) And also love the girl in the water chimney or whatever... Muac!


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