21 Aug 2012

I wish everyday would be Restaurant Day

Among all the events that are organized in the city, the Restaurant Day would come on top of my top 10 list.
The concept is easy: during the Restaurant Day, anyone can open an informal pop-up restaurant/cafe/bicycle bar (you name it) and sell their home made yummy goods to everybody.
The best part is that can be done anywhere, no licenses, permits nor any kind of bureaucracy needed.

Last Sunday was Restaurant Day and of course I did not miss it. Many parks and streets were packed with food stands, there were over 600 "restaurants" even though it was raining.

It was wonderful to see how the people really put effort in making their pop-up restaurant into something original and creative. It is not just about selling food on the street, it is more like a food carnival. I love it!

You can see more pics in their Facebook page.

One of my favorite "restaurants" was The hand of God, selling Argentinian empanadas from a window. After making your order, the empanadas were lowered down at street level in a basket and Miss empanada (see picture bellow) would handle them to you. While all this happened, a girl from the same window was playing guitar and singing Spanish songs. Can it get any cooler?

If you want to visit Helsinki make sure that you come on a Restaurant Day (they organize it 4 times a year), the next one is the 17th of November... you will have the worst weather ever but you will eat like a king!

And well, if visiting Helsinki in November does not sound very appealing ( I don't blame you, I hate November with all my soul), don't worry because it's also possible to participate from your city. The event has spread already to other places in the world, so no matter where you live, I encourage you all to put up your very own restaurant for a day.

Thank you Restaurant Day for making Helsinki a happier place!

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