12 Aug 2012

Bye bye summer!

After many weeks of sunny weather, ice-creams, computer-less days, Italian books, great food and even better company... here I am, back in business and ready to share some pics about the holidays (and hopefully a few restaurant reviews later on, because I ate oh so good during these weeks in Spain!!).

It sounds strange even to me, but I did not spend every single day on the beach, I promise (Maybe I had enough beach in Tioman?).

Instead I visited my friends in Pisa for a week and after that we went on a Spanish coast mini-tour: starting in Menorca and continued down to Valencia, Alicante and Cartagena.

I got the chance to hug a lot of friends that I haven't seen in long time...

... plus I was able to practice my favorite summer sport ever: terrace jumping (going from one bar terrace to another, eating tapas and enjoying a good glass of wine/beer with friends).

That is what I call a great holiday.

I hope this summer gave me all the happy energy required to survive another winter in Finland.
Seems unbelievable that I am going to go from this:

to this:

in just a few months time.

I know, it looks pretty horrible... but believe me, it is just a matter of keeping the summer spirit up.

... and when the summer spirit finally manages to escape to a warmer country, I'm going to lay on the sofa with a cup of tea and go through all the funny pictures of my cats.

If this does not cheer me up, I don't know what will:

Pumis BEFORE the shower
Pumis AFTER the shower

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