1 Jul 2012

One more step towards becoming a bit more Finnish

I bought my first Markimekko dress ever!!!
It's so cute and colorful!!!

Perfect for (Finnish) summer, notice the bright summer colors but the long sleeves... so clever!

Marimekko is the most famous fashion brand in Finland, their designs are very easy to spot since they use pretty bold and colorful patterns (for more info check Wikipedia, it's there for a reason).

It was founded back the 50's and their dresses have been worn even by celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy or Carrie from Sex and the City.

from here 
Mine is a much less glamorous but nevertheless I'm happy. I finally managed to get myself at least one basic Marimekko dress (after several months eating boiled potatoes to save money). Yaaaay!
I feel a little bit more Finnish now.

One more thing to be crossed out from my very own "become a bit more Fin todo-list":

from here, here, here, here and here

1. Eat ruisleipä (Finnish dark bread). Check!
2. Own iittala glasses (and never ever remove the "i" sticker from them)Check!
3. Eat lunch at 11 o'clockCheck!
4. Survive minus 30°CCheck!
5. Tolerate filter coffeeCheck!
6. Read a Moomin book.Check!
7. Own a Marimekko dressCheck!
8. Eat Salmiakki (salty candy) 
9. Get a Gore-Tex tuulipuku 
10. Wear sandals with socks
11. Learn to be silent 
12. Speak and understand Finnish (only in the case that num.11 cannot be achieved)

And no, I'm not ready yet to eat more than one Salmiakki in a row nor go around on a Sunday morning with my tuulipuku (kind of shell suit).
I'm not brave enough to use sandals with socks... and the day don't have enough hours yet for me to be able to learn Finnish.

Still a long way to go...

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