8 Jul 2012

Closed for holidays

I'm in Spain and one week of holidays has gone by already.
I have been looking forward to the vacations so I could have more time to write. 
That was the plan... but I'm afraid I have to surrender to the sun and the beach. I'm sorry.

I cannot stare at the computer for one more minute when it is oh! so nice outside.
For that reason, I am about to close the blog for holidays... at least until it rains.

from joeannenah

Now, I will just focus on relaxing, reading and basically enjoying my family, my cats, the Spanish sun and the crystal clear waters of the Costa Brava.

Ah! I'm also planing to visit Pisa for few days.
I admit that I have been missing Italy a little bit (maybe I haven't quite got over the post-Italy depression after all).

All in all, I have a pretty promising summer ahead and I swear I'll tell you all the details when I am back in August.

Happy holidays to everybody! Specially to my friends from Helsinki! (I miss you girls!!!)

6 Jul 2012

The difference between a house and a home

Is not the size of the living room.
It does not depend on how comfy is the bed or whether you have a fireplace or not.

The difference lies in the details, those little things that are part of your story, happily hanging from the walls or standing on the shelves. All the special objects that you have gathered over time and will slowly start giving personality to a place.

Having said that, I am about to share with you a small selection of all those things that make me feel at home every day.


Vintage scale I bought in a flea market in Porvoo (Finland)
If I remember correctly, I bought this print from London's Sunday Up Market
Coffee pot collection, the one in the middle is from the 50's, bought in a flea market in Lucca (Italy)
A perfect old box
Part of our tile collection, these ones I think are from Spain and Portugal
Fileteado toilet sign we got from Buenos Aires (Argentina)
One of my oil paintings... the first one I painted in Finland, I left all the rest in Spain :-(
Vintage Fiat poster from a flea market in Lucca (Italy)
Gary Cooper old poster from another flea market in Firenze (Italy)
Old magazines from some antique store in Porto (Portugal)
My very precious recipe book and my best friend Kitchen Aid
Postcard I sent from San Franciso (US)
A poster of Thomas' favorite Ghibli movie: Porco Rosso (left)
A poster of my favorite Ghibli movie: My neighbor Totoro (right)
Cat/birds sicker bought in Supernice (London) and a lovely print I got for my birthday (from SweetPotato) (left)
Light switch with home-made sticker (right)
Fluffy cloud plush made by me (inspired by Finnish weather)
DIY socktopus made by me (left)
Watercolor painting of Tuscan landscapes I bought in San Gimignano (Italy)
My collection of over sized plush toys: on the left you have Rabbit and his little friend Carrot (both made by me), by his side there is Monkey and Tofu in front (probably coming from Japan)
More stickers from Supernice (London)... I think I have a serious addiction: every time I go to London I must buy a sticker
My collection of tiny plush toys, from left to right:
Square Cat from Norwich (UK), I got ifrom my sister as Christmas present
Sleeping Handkerchief from Yohi&Olivia (Barcelona)
Small Confused Sock-Cat, made by me
Pepe the Beaver from Sopa de Principe bought in Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Undefined Sock Monster from Camden market in London
Cat with Sleeping bag, made by me
Fabio the Mouse also from Sopa de Principe.

1 Jul 2012

One more step towards becoming a bit more Finnish

I bought my first Markimekko dress ever!!!
It's so cute and colorful!!!

Perfect for (Finnish) summer, notice the bright summer colors but the long sleeves... so clever!

Marimekko is the most famous fashion brand in Finland, their designs are very easy to spot since they use pretty bold and colorful patterns (for more info check Wikipedia, it's there for a reason).

It was founded back the 50's and their dresses have been worn even by celebrities such as Jackie Kennedy or Carrie from Sex and the City.

from here 
Mine is a much less glamorous but nevertheless I'm happy. I finally managed to get myself at least one basic Marimekko dress (after several months eating boiled potatoes to save money). Yaaaay!
I feel a little bit more Finnish now.

One more thing to be crossed out from my very own "become a bit more Fin todo-list":

from here, here, here, here and here

1. Eat ruisleipä (Finnish dark bread). Check!
2. Own iittala glasses (and never ever remove the "i" sticker from them)Check!
3. Eat lunch at 11 o'clockCheck!
4. Survive minus 30°CCheck!
5. Tolerate filter coffeeCheck!
6. Read a Moomin book.Check!
7. Own a Marimekko dressCheck!
8. Eat Salmiakki (salty candy) 
9. Get a Gore-Tex tuulipuku 
10. Wear sandals with socks
11. Learn to be silent 
12. Speak and understand Finnish (only in the case that num.11 cannot be achieved)

And no, I'm not ready yet to eat more than one Salmiakki in a row nor go around on a Sunday morning with my tuulipuku (kind of shell suit).
I'm not brave enough to use sandals with socks... and the day don't have enough hours yet for me to be able to learn Finnish.

Still a long way to go...