18 Jun 2012

This made my day

I'm sick. I have been sick for tree days now, and it is not the first time this month.
I thought I was feeling better today but after lunch I had to surrender and get back to bed.

It seems that the stupid flu likes me so much that she decided to move in, she even took the toothbrush with her and does not seem to be leaving anytime soon. It sucks.

I'm the kind of person that likes to be out as much as possible, specially when it is summer (a.k.a +15ºC ), so you can imagine how horrible is it to be stuck between four walls the whole day.

Anyway, the reason why I decided to get out from under the blanket to write a little bit was not to explain how miserable I feel but to share a website that made my day:


It basically finds you places to eat/drink near to your location but in a much more fun way than any AroundMe or NearBy application.

It recognizes your location (or you write it down)
And it will show you the nearest place to eat. To browse among the different restaurants you can press "No, that place looks like shit" and it will recommend you another page. Pretty neat.

It is created by Coolography (do you guys need someone to make coffee and/or water the plants?).

That was it for today, I know it was a short random post but what do you want, I am sick.

To make it up for you (and make the post even more random) here is a picture of Pumis and her beer that I have been keeping for an special occasion. Good night!

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