7 Jun 2012

One spring day

Once someone asked me how was a typical day in my life.
I guess that's a pretty good question to get to know someone... and I was not very accurate with my answer (it was very windy and my brain does not work when the weather is bad).
So, I really hope it goes better this time.

Here it goes, one day of my life: Thursday 7th of June, 2012.

The alarm rings at 7:00 but I usually press snooze several times before I actually get up from bed.
The first thing I do is to check the weather, just to know if it is going to be a bike day or not.
It looks like is going to rain, so no bike for me today.

After that I brush my teeth, take a shower and all that stuff.
Then comes the most important thing you must do when living in Finland: Check the temperature before you go out.

22.6 ºC inside the house
10.1 ºC outside

You might think that it's a pretty cold June day... well, let me tell you something, after the long winter anything above zero feels like summer. Seriously.

Now that I know how warm it is, I can go and check in the space-invaders-closet for something to wear.

I get dressed according to the temperature, I drink my coffee, say bye-bye to my little friends (rabbit, monkey and tofu) and I am ready to go!

I walk to the bus stop.

And wait for the bus number 39.

I get out from the bus at the train station.

It's 8:55. Now I'm waiting for the train that goes to the city center.

At the Helsinki train station, you can practically find anything.
This morning (in a time frame of 2 minutes) I saw a bunch of Asian tourists, a heavy metal guy, strawberries and a group of school kids.

 I walk to the office, which is less than 5 minutes away from the train station. 

 On the way I say hello to Mr. Aleksis Kivi.

And I get to Vilhonkatu street, where my office is, just beside the Casino.

I get up to the 5th floor and I prepare myself to be there for the next 7,5 hours.

  But before doing anything, I have my morning tea. 

I work for a while until the lunch break.
Today I went with Sanna and Marju to have some sushi.
They are the funniest colleagues ever!

Then back to work, coffee break, a bit more work and that's it!
It is 17:00 and I am done for today. Yaaaay!

I get out and Carolina is already waiting for me at the square.

She is so pretty!!!

We go and look for yellow shoes (to go together with my blue dress), we find every single color except yellow :-(

After the shoe disappointment we grab a crêpe at La Crêperie Tram Café... and everything feels good again!

With the stomach full and happy we go to one of our favorite bars in Helsinki, the Mbar (if you don't know where to find me on a weekday evening, I will most probably be there).
Two other friends, Flor and Alma, are already there waiting for us. Laura could not make it today (but you already met her in here), Daniela is busy preparing her wedding and Tanja is in Ireland.

Even if there are a few of us missing, the best part of the day starts.
I drink a Chai Latte while we share the latest gossips, complain about men and try to fix Finnish society.

After the daily laugh-therapy session with the girls. It is time to get back home.
I wait once again for the bus.

Which takes me home in half an hour.
First thing I do when I get there is to say hello to Totoro. He always makes me smile.

Then I go into the kitchen and get something to eat. 

I make a cup of tea and I turn on the computer. I am ready to start writing this post.

I write for a couple of hours.
It is almost midnight and it's still light outside. Up here, near the polar circle, we have this stuff called midnight sun, which does not let you sleep but it is pretty cool.

Although the darkness is not here yet, it's time for me to go to sleep.
Pepe, my beloved plush toy, is already waiting for me in bed.

That was my day.
I send you a very big goodnight kiss! (and Pepe sends you a very big goodnight hug)

Sweet dreams to everybody! Hyvää yötä!


  1. Hi Alba, I'm Laia of the CITM. Nice post! I like your home!

    1. Hola guapa!!! Nice to find you here :-P
      Molts petons!


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