21 Apr 2012

What happens when your postman is in love

My family sent me a birthday present to Italy.
It never reached its destination.

I was supposed to get a package in the beginning of February but it seems that my postman didn't feel like working for a while. And not only the package was missing, I didn't receive any post at all, not even a sad take-away pizza flyer.... no bills, no junk mail, no love letters, no nothing!

I went a couple of times to the Italian post office to ask about the missing package.
The first time I was there, I waited in a line for half an hour just to discover that I was in the wrong post office, they were only dealing with letters in there.
A week after I headed to the "packages post office" and asked about my lost birthday present. The lady at the desk was not able to track the package (what a surprise), she said that probably it has been returned to Spain.

Why on earth the package got lost? The woman said that I had to go to another office if I wanted to find out the reason. Which sounded like a joke, but it was not.
Even if it was tempting to see a third kind of Italian post office - the one dedicated to give explanations -  I did not have the time nor the energy to play the private detective.

I like to think that the postman may have forgotten (once again) to buy something to his girlfriend's  birthday and, in a desperate act to win his girl back, he gave my little present to her.
In the end I felt quite good thinking that I might have contributed to the happy ending of a love story. After I convinced myself about that, I kind of forgot about the whole thing.

However, two weeks ago I went to Spain for the Easter holidays.
And there it was, a little package with my name which contained my birthday present:
A cute brooch made by Veronica de Arriba from Depeapa.
They really did return the present to Spain as they told me so.I immediately started feeling a bit sad because in the end the postman's girlfriend did not get any present. But then my sister told me that she also sent a greeting card, which of course never arrived to me - I'm glad to know that at least the poor girl got something-.

I finally got my present but I did not manage to solve the mystery. If the package was not stolen by a postman in love, why the hell they did send it back to Spain?

This week, I was able to find out another possible explanation to the enigma.
The thing is that I'm leaving Italy in a few days, and I needed to send a big package to Helsinki (I have bought so many shoes that cannot fit everything in the suitcase anymore, oops!).

I booked an appointment for the delivery guy to come and pick up the package.
We were waiting for him the whole afternoon, but no one showed up.
Later that day I called to the shipping company. The Customer Service people told me that the guy who came to pick up the package did not dear to ring my door bell because it did not have my name written on it.
There are only 3 floors in my building and I clearly said to them that it I live in the 3rd floor. However the guy was too shy to try to ring one of the 3 doorbells and simply continued to the next delivery, without even calling me (probably he was also to shy to do so) .

I wish I was called Simonetti Simone and this would be my doorbell.
Here goes my theory: All my problems with the post are probably just because I have a shy postman. There is nothing I can do about that so don't send anything to me because it will never arrive.

Now that the enigma is solved, I still have to figure out how to send the package to Finland. Hopefully my good friend/private chauffeur Lorenzo will give me a ride to the shipping company. I could also put a piece of tape with my name on top of the doorbell, but that is not as fun as running around the city with a 20Kg package.

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