17 Apr 2012

The weekend before my last weekend in Italy

...was raining like hell.

But the rain did not stop us from having a great weekend.
Fortunately, my good friend Laura came for a visit. Her cheerful personality brightens up even the darkest day!

We took our neon umbrellas and went to Florence on Saturday.
After few hours of sightseeing, walking under the rain was not so fun anymore.
We were wet and hungry. The three of us became so focused on improving our puddle-jumping technique that we did'nt realize that all restaurants in Florence seems to close before 15:00.

However, we were super lucky to find Il Santino (after a little bit more of walking).
It is a little wine bar were we had a nice selection of Tuscan cheeses and a couple of glasses of Chianti. Highly recommended!
Address: Via S.Spirito, 60/R

If you don't follow Spanish meal times, which means having lunch before 14:30, you might want to try another place nearby called Vivanda. We have been there once and the food was wonderful.
They also have a bio-wine selection to die for.

From here

On Sunday we got a break from the rain for a couple of hours, so we headed to Lucca.
This city has one of the coolest antiques markets I have seen in Italy, which happens every third weekend of the month, and we were oh so lucky to find it there!

You can find all kinds of treasures in this market... and, as usual, we did not leave empty-handed.
Say hello to the newest member of our coffee maker collection: A 1940's / 50's Vesuviana! 

And while I think how the hell are we going to take Miss Vesuviana to Finland, you can check out the Top 3 most well behaved market-dogs:


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