4 Apr 2012

Barcelona is beautiful even when it rains

We are in Spain for a well-deserved week of holidays.
I'm happy to be back home for a few days and finally be able to catch up on sleep, eat my mom's food, take a real shower (because I'll not call this a shower) and get some fresh sea air. 

Yesterday we went to Barcelona. 
It was a raining like hell, but I kind of enjoy a rainy day in the city every now and then.

I like Barcelona when it rains because the city is not so packed with tourists.
The streets are (almost) empty and the sound of the rain covers up the noise from the traffic.
It even smells better.

I love walking the streets of Gràcia under the umbrella (my favorite district in Barcelona). There you can enter every single crafty store and discuss with the owner about how awful the weather is.

And when the shops close for afternoon siesta, go and get a plate of sushi.
That's the best way to wrap up a rainy morning in Barcelona.

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