11 Mar 2012

Top 8 things to do in Rome

"Top 10" lists suck, here is an example. 

Still I could not resist creating a little list on my own about (alternative) stuff to do in Rome.
Hopefully "Top 8" is less lame than "Top 10" or "Top 20".

Here it comes:

I. Visit the Open Air Museum alongside the Ara Pacis. 

II. Ask some local in the street where is the best place to go and eat.

III. Take the tram to Pigneto district and go to eat porchetta in "I Porchettoni" (I'm vegetarian but you gotta trust me with this one!)
- Via del Pigneto, 68 -

IV. Have a coffee post-porchetta in Lo Yeti Libreria - Caffè

V. Try Italian artisan beer at Bir&Fud 
- Via Benedetta, 23 -  

VI. Have a good night sleep at Aldebaran B&B.
- Via luzzatti, 19 -

VII. Check out the tiny stores in Monti district.

VIII. Try Roman artichokes


  1. I love these illustrations! i am making last minute plans for rome and would love to see the alternative side of things there so thank you so much, i'm going to try some of these out!

  2. I thought it would be opportune to post those two works as a spur to some thoughts on painting in Rome (a topic I’ve addressed before). what to do in rome


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