1 Mar 2012

Never ask Google: What to do in Rome?

Tomorrow we are taking the train to Rome :-)

I wanted to check in Google what should we visit there during the weekend.
Big mistake. I ended up with all kinds of random lists like this one from here:

Top 20 things to do in Rome:

1. Greet the Old Masters of the Capitoline.
2. Connect with your inner gladiator at the Colosseum
3. Stroll through the Gardens of the Villa Borghese
4. Join an audience with the Pope at the Vatican
5. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain
6. Perfect your geometry at the Pantheon
7. Scope out delightful ice cream at San Crispino
8, Photograph the city's best piazzas
9.  Scale new heights to see spectacular views
10. Glam up for a night at the Opera
11. Follow the legend of the wolf
12. Teas your taste buds at Il Pigneto
13. Grab a slice of authentic pizza
14. Have a glass of white Frascati
15. Discover geek chic at book bar
16. Browse in boutiques
17. Amble around antique markets
18. Catch glimpses of Napoleon
19. Indulge in sweet treats
20. Stay up for a late drink

If I try to imagine what I see myself doing, the list goes down to "top 6 things to do in Rome":
7. ice cream, 12. Pigneto, 13. Pizza, 17. Antique markets, 19. Sweet treats and 20. Late drink.

Some of the remaining "top 14 things to do in Rome" either don't interest me or I don't understand them very well... What the hell means catching glimpses of Napoleon?
This is the answer I got from Google: 

From here
I'm more confused now than before....

I lost plenty of time going through Google results and posting about it in here. And I am still without any super plan for the weekend. F**k you Google.

However, I got the most important things marked on the Rome map:
1. The hostel street
2. The address of the gelateria San Crispino.

I should be good to go.

See you on Monday!

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