23 Mar 2012

How to get tiramisù for free

This is the story of how we got tiramisù for free in a little roman restaurant.

We were walking around Trastevere district on a Saturday morning, we got tired and hungry at some point and decided to enter into a clothes store to ask if someone would recommend a place to have lunch.

There was a very nice girl that suggested us to go to a restaurant in Via della Lungaretta, I think it is called Aristocampo or something like that. 
The restaurant had a sign by the door that said "We are against war and tourist menu" which looked promising. We were not disappointed, the food was delicious.

While we were enjoying our meal we saw the girl from the store coming into the restaurant.
After we said ciao to her, she sat on a table nearby with her colleagues. 

When we were about to order coffee, the waiter came with a beautiful bowl of tiramisù and told us that was from Susanna... (Susanna??) I am not sure who looked more surprised, the waiter, us or the tiramisù
We have not ordered any dessert. We had no clue where was that tiramisù coming from.
For few seconds we both had the who-the-hell-is-Susanna kind of face.
The waitress left us alone with our dessert.
After the initial shock, and before actually trying the tiramisù, we came up with 3 hypothesis about its unknown origin:
# 1: The tiramisù from Susanna went to the wrong table by mistake.
# 2: The restaurant owner called Susanna was trying to poison us with tiramisù (it was pretty clear from the sign at the door that they were not so happy to see tourists around).
# 3: Susanna was the girl who recommended us the restaurant (who could as well be trying to poison us for some reason).

Before we had time to come up with a conclusion, we heard someone laughing behind us, turned our heads and saw the answer to our little mystery: Susanna, the girl from the store.

With that smile it could not be possible that the girl was trying to poison anybody, so we started eating our dessert after saying million thanks to our new friend Susanna.
It was one of the best tiramisù we had in Italy, plus (so far) we haven't got any signs of poisoning.

My take-away from that day:
1. Roman people are super cool.
2. Tiramisù is the best dessert ever!

So, if you ever find yourself in Rome, go to Trastevere before lunch time and look around the stores for a girl named Susanna. Smile and ask her where to go and eat.
I hope you are as lucky as we were!

Based on a true story.

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