5 Feb 2012

Winter in Italy sucks more than in Finland

Three months ago we moved to Italy, innocently thinking how lucky we were to escape from the Nordic winter... But the winter have laughed in our face, really, it is cold as hell in here!!

We have been missing a lot our warm and cozy apartment in Helsinki, not only because ski pants are not part of our nightwear in there but also for the fact that it feels so nice to come back to YOUR home after work, and not to the home of some Italian rich and pretty annoying lady, who is renting us the apartment with all her stuff inside, even her panties! (I hope she does not read blogs... and well if she does: could you please come and pick up your panties???)

No matter how much we try, but it does not feel like home for us :-(

Would you really feel home with something like this hanging on your wall?

La collina dei fumatori ( the hill of the smoker) ... don't ask, really.
Anyway, I really hope this stupid Siberian cold front moves away very soon so we don't have to be inside the whole weekend.

Dear, Siberia, how are you doing? Listen, could you make us a favor and close the door so we don't need to wear ski pants indoors?

While I wait for Siberia to answer, I will collect some pictures of our apartment in Helsinki, close my eyes and think that I am there in our orange sofa under a blanket.

The livingroom
Our red wall!!
Our colorful bedroom... I miss you Totoro!!!

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