6 Feb 2012

Winter in Italy sucks, but we still had a nice weekend

We wanted to go to Florence this weekend, but Italian trains do not like cold weather and we ended up staying in Pisa.

Apart from hanging around home in our ski pants, we went to see a Picasso exhibition, that kind of exhibition that you think is going to be shit because of your high expectations but it ends up being surprisingly nice.

I must confess that I am not a big fan of cubism, and that I have always been a bit lazy to go to a Picasso exhibition, but it was cold as hell outside so we decided to give it a try.

No regrets whatsoever. A part from the mandatory cubism paintings, there were plenty of his drawings and sketches, which was my favorite part. Highly recommended, especially because it was a small exhibition (no time to get feed up) and it was rather warm inside.

Thomas thought that we could buy one of the paintings for our living room. I immediately told him my famous sentence in Spanish "bah! esto te lo hago yo!". Its translation (not literal) is something like: "bah! This I can do it myself with eyes closed and my hands tied"...sounds much more funny in Spanish.

So I decided that I will make my own copy if Picasso painting, which was far more appealing than selling my organs for money.

And here it is!
Probably we are not going to hang it in the living room, but it's not that bad if you consider that I only have 4 color crayons at home, and that I got to keep my organs.

Mine is the one on the left, if you have not noticed it already :-P
Just for the record, Picasso actually copied it from this painting from Mr. Cranach, so do not look bad at me for re-copying it.

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