26 Feb 2012

In love with Sicily, Part 3: Cefalú

On Sunday we took the train from Palermo to Cefalú, a very nice village on the coast.
It is supposed to be really touristic in summer, but at this time of the year it was quiet and beautiful.
As you can see we where the only ones on the beach.

There is a Saracenic castle on the top of the rock that, of course, we had to climb (due to Thomas' conqueror spirit, which follows us everywhere).

It was totally worth it!! the views from up there were stunning, and we even found some sheep having lunch.

On the way down we saw a bunch of padlocks, the symbol of Italian love, I have seen them attached to many bridges around Italy but this is the first time I find some by the sea.
It seems to be fashionable over here and I guess the hardware stores are pretty happy about it.
This is how it works: Lovers write their names on the lock, attach it to the bridge and throw the keys in the water while promising eternal love to each other.
I would say it is a pretty good alternative to the love graffiti, also very popular in Italy, this is definitely much nicer than finding "Laura ti amo! sei la mia vita!" written on your home's wall.

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