24 Feb 2012

In love with Sicily, Part 2: More Palermo

I could write several posts about Sicilian food but let's just say that it was great.
The cannoli where delicious, but I do recommend to buy the small ones or cannoli piccoli for two main reasons:
1. The small ones are so cute!! 
2. You will not die of a sugar overdose: one real (big) cannoli is probably equivalent to one week of sugar intake.

In order to find a decent place to eat, the best thing to do is to ask the locals, about 88% of the times they will be right. That has worked well for us so far, specially in Italy.
If locals are not available, or you don't speak Italian, then you may want to follow these easy steps:

Another choice that probably cannot go wrong is the street food, there are plenty of food stands around Palermo, specially near the markets.

One of the most picturesque quarters is La Kalsa, the medieval center of Palermo, a network of dark narrow streets that are a must see. However, I will definitely not be walking alone there at night.

The animals there seem to be pretty relaxed though
In this area there is the Ballaro food market, where you can experience the funniest chaotic situations ever (such as a car trying to drive right through the middle of the market, which is of course super packed with people and food stands).
And before you leave, make sure you don't miss the nicely decorated doors and the curious little corners:

Do not miss: 

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