12 Feb 2012

How to shower, Italian style

Our Italian shower only gives us a few drops of warm water at a time; showering here takes forever and you easily get cold and annoyed.

With time we developed a very sophisticated showering system, what I call the “mökki” shower, because it reminds me of the way Finnish people usually shower at their summer cottage (“mökki” in Finnish), after taking a sauna.

So, if you are a proud owner of an Italian 100 years old shower like us, here are the easy to follow instructions for a perfect "mökki" shower:

1. Get 2 buckets, one big and one small.

2. Take a big bucket and fill it with warm water; this step might take a while. Be patient.

3.  Fill the small bucket with water from the big bucket.

4. With the small bucket in your hand, place yourself in the starting position.

5. Pour the water over you head. Be very careful not to spill water near the plug on the shower wall (I don’t know if it is something typical, but we do have a plug in our shower wall where the water heating system is plugged, very clever indeed)

6. Apply shampoo and body soap very quickly until you are sufficiently clean, (sorry no time for conditioner in the Italian shower)

7. Repeat step 5 until all the soap is gone.

8. Congratulations, you are clean!
Now get wrapped fast with a towel, do the victory sign and go and get a cappuccino.


  1. Ostres Alba, ja us puc imaginar a tots dos.... :O OMG! Pobres :(
    Torneu cap a casa!!! Va! Que ja n'heu tingut prou!!!! Homeeeee!!
    Petonarros d'os polar que dona escalforeta :)

  2. Si nena, ya veus!! yo ya me rio por no llorar!! :-P
    Crec que he començat el blog mes per terapia que per una altra cosa.
    Bueno, ja queda poc per tornar! mil petons!

  3. You have forgotten the huge spider coming out from the drain!

  4. hihihih! Gemma, the spider has dressed up as rubber duck. Don't you know that is carnival this week? :-P


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