29 Feb 2012

How to get confetti in your underwear

The answer is easy, just go to the Viareggio carnival.
Viareggio is a rather boring town for most part of the year, but during February they celebrate one of the most important carnivals in Italy, it lasts one month and every single weekend there are street parades, music, food stands, lots of smiles and people dressed up in the most original costumes.

Hippie van escaping from a dinosaur (or vice versa)
Barbie and her friend G.I. Joe
Super Mario Bros taking a picture of a cowboy
Demons on wheels

The only problem was the impossibility to scape from to the confetti war, we brought so much confetti home that it looks like there was a small carnival in our apartment while we were away.
Consider yourself warned. 

Confetti issues aside we had lots of fun in Viareggio, the atmosphere was really nice and the papier-maché floats where just amazingly well made.

Me looking at Angela Merkel riding a cannon with sadomasochism outfit
Run for your life!!!
European economy
Sarkozy looking pretty happy
It was the first carnival for Thomas, who never ever likes to dress up, and he actually promised something unimaginable: next time we will get a costume for us! (applause please!!).
We still have an issue though, carnival does not exist in Finland. I must find another celebration.

Dressing up on Christmas eve might be a bit awkward so that leaves us with Vappu as a second choice (which is a day for Finnish people to get a bit crazy and do whatever they want). Let's see if I succeed, meanwhile I will think about a great costume, it is going to be a bit cold so I have something like this in mind:

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