21 Feb 2012

Happy birthday to me!!

We are back from our super great weekend in Sicily (which was my early birthday present from Thomas), it was really nice and I will be reporting about the trip very soon, I just need a bit of time to sort out the million pictures we took.

Anyway, today is the "official" birthday day, and I'm a bit melancholic because it is going to be the first year that I cannot celebrate it with all my friends, since we are a pretty far away from Finland.
However, we are still going to throw a little party for two this evening. Thomas even promised that in honor to my birthday we are going to go running a bit longer than usual. Yaay! I could not be more excited.

A bit nicer than a "running" party, was my last year's "cake competition" birthday party:

Cake competition birthday party
We organized a cake competition with my girlfriends where everybody had to bring a cake to the party. We ate sooooooo much cake that I think this year I am just going to put a candle on top of an artichoke and wish that all my friends will be here with me to have an artichoke competition party!

I miss you guys!!!

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